War Diary 4th Sept – 10th Sept 1939

Monday September 4th

  • Fleet blockage begins
  • In the course of an extensive reconnaissance of Northern and Western Germany during the night of September 3rd-4th RAF aircraft dropped more than 6,000,000 copies of a note to the German people
  • The RAF carries out an evening raid on Wilhemshafen and Brunsbuttel. Two German battleships are heavily damaged
  • Heavy fighting continues in the Polish fronts and they claim the recovery of several towns in the North-west, but admitted the loss of Czestochowa, near the upper Silesian frontier. More air raids take place over Warsaw.
  • France starts operations on land, sea and air.
  • Evacuations of 630,000 children and adults from London is complete
  • Mr Chamberlain broadcasts a message in German to the German people in which he makes it clear that Britain’s quarrel is not with the German people, but with the Regime.
  • Egypt breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany
  • Japan decides upon neutrality
  • German income tax is raised to 30%

Tuesday September 5th

  • Warsw admits loss of several important towns south of the Corridor
  • British aircraft carries out an extensive reconnaissance over the Ruhur and dropped more than 3,000,000 copies of the note to the German people.
  • President Roosevelt proclaims America’s neutrality.
  • Yugoslavia announces their neutrality
  • Argentina and Chile officially declare their neutrality
  • British cargo steamer, the Bosnia is sunk in the Atlantic
  • Three Germans ships, which might have become raiders, are sunk in the Atlantic

Wednesday September 6th

  • Enemy planes make a reconnaissance off the East Coast, but turn back before British fighter planes could make contact.
  • French troops penetrate German territory in the direction of Saarbrucken. Contact between the two armies established along the 123 mile frontier from the Rhine to the Moselle on the boundary of Luxenbourg.
  • Polish Government left Warsaw for Lublin. Heavy fighting in Poland. Germans claim that Krakow has been captured.
  • By the passing of the Armed Forces (Conditions of Service) Act all units of the Regular Army, Territorial Army, Militia and other Auxiliary forces were merged into a single entity, the British Army
  • A third successful reconnaissance was made by the RAF aircraft over Germany (September 5-6) and further copies of the note to the German people has been dropped.
  • South Africa officially states it is at war with Germany. General Smuts forms a new cabinet.
  • Spain declares neutrality
  • Australia called up the first 10,000 if her militia

Thursday September 7th

  • French communiques announces further advances into German territory, where reinforcements had been brought up to meet them
  • Fierce fighting on two main fronts in Poland. The Germans claim to have reached Pultusk, 30 miles north of Warsaw.
  • Attempts have been made to torpedo the Dutch steamship Batavia in which, escorted by destroyers, Sir Neville Hendeston and his embassay staff were returning to England.
  • German submarines continue to be attacked
  • Iraq cuts off relations with Germany
  • Yugoslavian mobilisation is ordred
  • Panama Canal under military control
  • After a long resistance Westerplatte garison near Danzig surrenders
  • At approximately 200 miles north west of Spanish coast, the British freighter “olivegrove” is torpedoed
  • Eire government calls up first line of volunteers, the army reserve has already been mobilised.

Friday September 8th

  • Saarbrucken and other towns in the area have been evacuated as Paris reports that Germany has rushed six division from Poland to the Saar. About 600 French tanks were leading the attack.
  • The Polish Government denies the claims by the German high command have entered Warsaw. An official Polish communique admits that troops have retreated at Lodz, Ptrkow, and Rozany regions south west of Warsaw and in the Pultusk area north of the capital
  • In the Atlantic the British steamer ‘Manaar’ is shelled and sunk
  • Both the RAF and and Navy are engaged in a great u-boat hunt. German merchant ships fleeing to neutral ports.
  • The RAF return from a fourth reconnaissance flight to distribute copies of the note to the German people.
  • French and British air craft report that they are on their way to the Polish front.
  • Reports come in of a shortage of food on the Siegfried line.
  • Patients are evacuated from great voluntary hospitals is complete thus releasing about 200,000 beds for air-raid causalities
  • Polish Mission under General Norvid-Neugebauer arrives in London

Saturday September 9th

  • The War Cabinet announces that it’s policy is based on the assumption that the war will last for three years or more.
  • The French Command reports that an attack by one of their division on the Western front has secured important gains. The greater part of the Warndt forest, an important coal producing area, was in French hands
  • Reports received that thee merchant ships, two British, one French have been torpedoed. The Ministry of Information states that it is evident that German submarine commanders have been ordered to sink on sight and without warning.
  • A fifth RAF reconnaissance flight over Germany has been made with leaflets dropped over Cassel and other areas in central Germany. Having inadvertently strayed into Belgium airspace, British planes were engaged with Belgian fighter machines. Apologies were later sent to the Belgian government.
  • It was officially announced that since the Duke of Kent had assumed a naval appointment for the duration of the war, Lord Gowrie would continue in office as Governor General of Australia.
  • Field Marshall Goering broadcasts from a Berlin armament factory what was tantamount to an appeal for peace.

Sunday September 10th

  • The Polish General staff announces that the Germans had withdrawn from immediate neighbourhood of Warsaw. Fifteen bombing raids were carried out over the capital
  • A statement was broadcast in Germany from Hitler’s headquarters that the German advance was being slowed for the consolidation of the conquered territory
  • Canada declares war on Germany
  • German torpedo boat hits a mine at the entrance tot he Baltic and sinks immediately
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