Cartoons of WW2 Conflict – 1939

The cartoon was the highest value in graphically registering public opinion on events of urgent interest.  A gifted cartoonist could tell a whole story and comment on it so that when the public read their newspaper it conveyed instantly the mood and how everyone was feeling.  Please click on each individual image to read more clearly and use your back arrow to return to here.

The first two were for “The Star” in September 1939

Hitler & The Truth!

Russia & Germany Best of Friends!

The next one was from the “Evening Standard” after the Leaflet drops in Germany

German ARP & British Leaflet Drop

This one is courtesy of “the Daily Mail”

Robbing the Dead!

and finally, this cartoon was from the “Evening News”

Strange Bedfellows in WW2

We will add more as we find them.

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  1. Stanley Barrier says:

    Wow, great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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