Nancy Wake Resistance Heroine dies aged 98

Nancy Wake SOE

The Gestapo most wanted woman, Nancy Wake, had died in London aged 98 on Sunday 7th August.   Born Nancy Grace August Wake she was the most highly decorated servicewoman of WW2.  She was code named “The White Mouse” for her ability to elude capture.   Nancy was born in Welling, New Zealand and grew up in Australia, but ran away from home and in the 1930s was living in Paris and working as a journalist.  By the time war broke out she was married to a french industrialist and living the life of luxury.  Between them they helped allied and jewish people escape to Spain and she fled to England in 1943 and began her work as an SOE.

Just before D-Day she parachuted back into France to help destribute weapons to the Resistance.  Sadly she would never see her husband again who, in the August of 1943, was killed by the Gestapo.  Nancy was a woman of incredible courage, defiance and optimism in spite of the odds against her and the resistance.  She led over 7,000 people.

After the war she returned to Australia, but came back to England and married and RAF officer in 1957, and they both went to Australia.  After his death in 1997 Nancy’s feet were itching to travel and she returned back to England and remained here for the rest of her life.  In 2004 she was made a Companion of the Order of Australia.

There is a book available on her life below and also a television drama is being put together, hopefully it will be  true to her life and work.

Click above for more details

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