Goebbel’s Secretary Speaks Out 66 Years On

After keeping quiet for 66 years Brunhilde Pomsel has broken her silence and spoken out about Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister.  She has turned down hundreds of offers to talk to newspapers and journalists in the past and tell her story, but now at 100 years old she has decided to talk to German newspaper Bild.

Propaganda Minister Goebbels

Frau Pomsel worked as his secretary from 1942 to 1945 after being conscripted and forced to work there.  The only way she could have refused the position was by saying she had an infectious disease.  Despite having to take down dication and type up all correspondence for Goebbels she claims she was completely unaware of the haulocaust even though one of Goebbels orders was, “To rid Berlin of all the Jews to make the Fuhrer happy.”  She also says he was cold and distant and probably never knew her name throughout her employment.

Frau Pomsel

His wife Magda gave her a dress in 1943 when her house was bombed and she lost all her possessions and she let his children play on her typewriter in the office.

Frau Pomsel eventually became Goebbel’s chief stenographer and in 1943 she was forced to attend his hysterical Total War speech at the the Sportspalast Stadium in Berlin, which came shortly after the defeat of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad and was the turning point of the war from which there was no way back.  She was able to view top secret papers showing how badly the war was going for Germany and her last 10 days of the war were spent in the relative safety of the cellars of the Propaganda Ministry as Allied aircraft bombed Berlin to oblivion.  On the 1st May news came that Hitler had committed suicide and it was shortly after that the Russians arrived, and she was taken as a prisoner for the next five years at Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Hohenschönhausen camps.

She believes that Goebbel’s own suicide was a cowards way out, and will never forgive him for shooting his wife and them both murdering their children with cyanide capsules because they did not want them growing up in post Nazi Germany.

Goebbels Family - Murdered!

After her release from the Russian camps in 1950 she found work in local radio stations, “I never believed that I would have a happy life after working for him, but I found a way.”

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