Common Abbreviations on WW2 RAF Records (R S T V W)

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Listed in alphabetical order are the common abbreviations used on all British RAF Records

RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force
RACP – Reserve Air Crew Pool
RAE – Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAFC – Royal Air Force College
RAF FC – Royal Air Force Flying College
RAFG – Royal Air Force Germany
RAFO – Reserve Air Force Officers
RAFVR – Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve
RAFNI – Royal Air Force Northern Ireland
RAFRS – Royal Air Force Regimental School
RAFTC – Royal Air Force Technical College
RATG/W – Rhodesia Air Training Group/Wing
RAuxAF – Royal Auxiliary Air Force
RC – Recruits Centre
RC – Reserve Command
RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force
RDAF – Royal Danish Air Force
RDFS – Radio Direction Finding School
RDP – Recruits Disposal Pool
REAF – Royal Egyptian Air Force
REC – Release Embarkation Centre
Res – Reserve
RFS – Reserve Flying School
RFTS – Refresher Flying Training School
RHAF – Royal Hellenic Air Force
RIAF – Royal Indian Air Force
RIMU – Radio Installation and Maintenance Unit
RLC – Rest and Leave Camp
RMAF – Royal Malaysian Air Force
RMU – Radio Maintenance Unit
RNAS – Royal Naval Air Service
RNethAF – Royal Netherlands Air Force
RNoAF – Royal Norwegian Air Force
RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force
ROC – Royal Observer Corps
RPAF – Royal Pakistan Air Force
RRAF – Royal Rhodesian Air Force
RS – Radio School
RSU/S – Repair and Servicing Unit/Section

SAAF – South African Air Force
SAC – Senior Aircraftman
SACW – Senior Aircraftwoman
SAFO – Senior Airforce Officer
SAN – School of Air Navigation
SAR – Search and Rescue
OofAS – School of Air Support
SATC – School of Air Traffic Control
STC – Strike Command
SC – Support Command
SCRS – School of Combat Survival and Rescue
SCU – Servicing Commando Unit
SD – Special Duties
SDF – Special Duties Flight
SEAAC – South East Asia Air Command
SEAC – South East Asia Command
SF – Station Flight
SofFC – School of Fighter Control
SFF – Service Ferry Flight
SFPP – Service Ferry Pilots Pool
SGR – School of General Reconnaissance
Sgt – Sergeant
SHAEF – Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE – Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SIU -Ssignals Intelligence Unit
S/L – Squadron Leader
SLAW – School of Land-Air Warfare
S/Ldr – Squadron Leader
SMO – Senior Medical Officer
SNCO – Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
SO – Senior Officer
S of A – School of Administration
S of AC – School of Airfield Construction
S of AC – School of Army Co-Operation
S of AE – School of Aeronautical Engineering
S of AFTT – School of Air Force Technical Training
S of AG – School of Air Gunnery
S of AN – School of Air Navigation
S of AP – School of Air Pilotage
S of AS – School of Air Support
S of ASR – School of Air Sea Rescue
S of AT – School of Air Transport
S of ATC – School of Air Traffic Control
S of C – School of Catering
S of CSR – School of Combat Survival and Rescue
S of FC – School of Fighter Control
S of FC – School of Ferry Control
S of GR – School of General Reconnaissance
S of JSPT – School of Jungle Self Preservation Training
s of LAW – School of Land/Air Warfare
S of MR – School of Maritime Reconnaissance
S of N&BN – School of Navigation and Bomb Dropping
S of NC – School of Naval Co-Operation
S of P – School of Photography
S of RF – School of Refresher Flying
S of RT – School of Recruit Training
S of SF – School of Special Flying
SOAF – Sultan of Oman’s Air Force
SOE – Special Operations Executive
SOM – School of Music
SofP – School of Photography
SoRF – School of Refresher Training
SoTT – School of Technical Training
(SP) – Special Duties Officer
SP – Staging Post
SP – Service Police
Sqn – Squadron
SQDN – Squadron
SQn LDR – Squadron Leader
Sq O – Squadron Officer
SRAF – Southern Rhodesian Air Force
SSU – Special Signals Unit
SSU – Special Servicing Unit
SSVAF – Straits Settlements Volunteer Air Force
STC – Strike Command
STT – School of Technical Training
SU – Signals Unit
SupO – Supply Officer

(T) (a) – Armament Officer
(T) (e) – Engineer Officer
(T) (s) – Signals Officers
TAF – Tactical Air Force
TC – Transport Command
TC – Training Command
TCG/W – Troop Carrier Group/wing
TCu – Transport Conversion Unit
TDY – Temporary Duty
TFP – Training Ferry Pool
TG – Trade Group
TP – Test Pilot
TSCU – Transport Support Conversion Unit
TT – Technical Training Depot
TTC – Technical Training Command

VAD – Voluntary Aid Detachment
VC – Victoria Cross
VM – Victory Medal

WA – West Africa
WWAF – Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force
W/C – Wing Commander
Wg – Wing
Wg Cdr – Wing Commander
WCAD (NE) – War Casualty Accounts Department (Non-Effective)
W/O – Warrant Officer
WO – Warrant Officer
WOP – Wireless Operator
WOP/AG – Wire Operator / Air Gunner
WRAF – Woman’s Royal Air Force
WSI – War Service Increment

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