Horses Come Back During WW2

Horses, which for many years had been slowly disappearing from the London streets, had a remarkable ‘come back’ when the rationing of petrol took effect.

On certain roads they have been altogether banned, but on September 27th 1939, the Minister for Transport announced that the ban would be lifted for the time being in view of the shortage of petrol and the consequent reduction in the number of motor vehicles available.

ww2 horses, grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping by Horse

In the country many a pony trap and dog-cart were once more on the roads and it was easier to get out the old faithful horse and pop down the shops for the days groceries.

Horses replaced cars in wwII

Novel way of using the horse when petrol ran out!

Image this? A novel way of creating a horse drawn carriage!  I wonder if we would get away with now; did they then?

In London it was chiefly for drawing transport vehicles that horses reappeared, including, as seen below, Pickfords removals.

Horse Drawn Vehicles

Horse Drawn Vehicles on London Streets

Source:  War Illustrated, 1939

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