Hitler’s SOS to the Jews

This article was published in War Illustrated in October 1939, therefore the phrasing relates to that era and not the current timeline.

Who is the enemy of the German Race?  Who sapped the people in the war and ensured their collapse at the end of it?  Who as capitalist exploits the worker?  Who as communist inflames and then betrays him?  Who corrupts and corrodes the nations with its vile and vulgar psuedo-culture? Who is the enemy of the entire human society?  These are some of the questions posed in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf“.  He gives the answers in every case it is the same – the Jew!

From his early days in the Vienna of pre-war days Hitler has hated the Jew with an intense, all-consuming hatred. His movement has been hilt up very largely on anti-semitism.  Since h has come to power in Germany he has done his best to eradicate entirely the Jewish elements from Germany life.

Jewish professors, bankers, and industrialists, Jewish journalists, artists and musicians, Jews of insignificance, place and name and Jews whom the world at large has delighted to honour – such Jews as Einstein, Ehrlich, Bruno Walter, Freud, and Thomas Mann – all have been driven into exile or subjected to the most intense and bitter humiliation.

The Nazi press has descended to the gutter in search for its terms of abuse of the Jew.   Jews have been forced to march along the street carrying offensive placards; they have been assaulted in their houses; their shops have been picketed by Nazis.

Jewish persecution in WW2

Jews Made To Clean The Streets by Hand

One of the first things the Nazi conquerors did in Vienna was to compel members of the Jewish intelligence to go down on their knees and scrub the streets.

No task has been too degrading for the Nazi taskmasters to set the Jews of Germany, no abuse has been to foul, no accusation to revolting.  Julius Streicher’s* “Der Stürmer” built up a weekly circulation of 500,000 on pornography and blackmail of the Jewish people.

julius streicher

Julius Streicher

Yet only a few days after war broke out in 1939, posters were displayed in the German consulate in Antwerp urging all doctors, engineers and other technical experts in German nationality, no matter what their race, to return home ad work for Germany again.  The posters went on to promise that the fortunes which had been confiscated from such refugees would be restored if only they returned now to the hour of Germany’s need.

But the Jews have long memories, and in the vast, world-wide front which has been built-up against Hitlerism those Jews who were once a mainstay of Germany prosperity are finding their place.  “We are anxious to put all our skills and knowledge to the service of those who are fighting the Nazi” said one Jewish spokesman.

* Julius Streicher was a prominent Nazi prior to WW2. He was the founder and publisher of Der Stürmer newspaper, which became a central element of the Nazi propaganda machine. His publishing firm also released three anti-Semitic books for children, including the 1938 Der Giftpilz (“The Toadstool” or “The Poison-Mushroom”), one of the most widespread pieces of propaganda, which purported to warn about insidious dangers Jews posed by using the metaphor of an attractive yet deadly mushroom. After the war, he was convicted of crimes against humanity and executed. (Wiki)

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