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Irene Sendler rescued 2,500 Jewish Children in WW2

In September 2011 I received an email about a lady called Irene Sandler.  On reading the email I chose to research more about her and blog the fascinating details of her life. Unfortunately, the email was factually incorrect in many … Continue reading

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Poetry During WW2, 1939 Part 1

The following Poetry was written during the war, dates and the poets names are given where known: 1939 By Humbert Wolfe in The Observer It darkens.  In the marsh the Goth and Vandal Have set their camp-fire burning. England waits. … Continue reading

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Words From WW2 to Remember (4)

A select Record of week to week of Important Declarations and Statements: Monday September 11th Mr Anthony Eden, Secretary of State for the Dominions, in a broadcast address replayed to the United States and to the Empire: “You may remember … Continue reading

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War Diary October 23rd to 29th 1939

Monday October 23rd Finnish delegation, led by M Paasikivi and accomplished by M Tanner, Finnish Minister of Finance, arrived at Moscow to resume negotiations with Russia. Paris reported that after a quiet night on the Western Front, there has been … Continue reading

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Words From WW2 1939 To Remember (3)

A Select Weekly Record of the Most Important War Declarations and statements: Sunday September 3rd 1939 Leaflets distributed by the Royal Air Force in West and North Germany: “Deliberately and coldly the Government of the Reich has forced war upon … Continue reading

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General Maurice Gustav Gamelin

Although best known for his lack of response to the German aggression, which eventually led to France being invaded, here is an earlier story taken from the War illustrated. Gamelin was born in Paris in 1872, shortly after the France of the … Continue reading

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Chamberlain’s Speech on The Peace Offensive 12th October 1939

On October 12th the Prime Minister made his eagerly awaited statement in the House of Commons in reply to the “peace proposals” put forward by Hitler on October 6th.  The most important passage of Mr Chamberlain’s speech – in which … Continue reading

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Odd Facts About World War 2 in 1939 (1)

The Caption in War Illustrated for these articles reads: “Worth Noting Today, and Re-reading in Years to Come” Grey Hairs For Firing Line “I watched columns of older reservists march the trains that were to carry them to points near … Continue reading

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Words From WW2 1939 to Remember (2)

A record of the Declarations and Solemn Speeches of the World’s Leaders. Friday September 1st Hitler in a speech to the Reichstag: “I am determined to solve (1) the Danzig question, (2) the question of the Corridor, and (3) to … Continue reading

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Words From WW2 1939 to Remember (1)

The following are record of solemn words and declarations made by World Leaders. Wednesday August 23rd 1939 King Leopold in the name of the King of Denmark, the President of Finland, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, the King of Norway, … Continue reading

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