New Evidence That Hitler Escaped From Germany

A recently published book by Journalist Gerrard Williams and filmmaker Simon Dunstan claims to have found evidence that Adolf Hitler fled Germany and lived out his life in Argentina.  A pilot in a court in 1947 gave evidence that he flew out Eva Brown and Hitler from Germany……with the discovery that the scull in Moscow believed to be Hitler is actually female and further information gathered they have published their evidence in book called Grey Wolf – The Escape of Adolf Hitler and the film of the same title is currently in production for release in 2012.  To watch a short Sky interview with Gerrard Williams click HERE

Whatever the evidence and whether it will ever be proved will always remain controversial and will always be a very hot topic of discussion now and in the future, but please feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject below.

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2 Responses to New Evidence That Hitler Escaped From Germany

  1. Ross says:

    Hello. Is there any basis to these claims? I’m curious.

    • Carolyn Maybray-Seymour says:

      I am afraid we cannot comment on whether there is any truth in these claims, neither do we have an opinion. We are solely an information site offering details of new or past information, publications and/or memories. It is up to the individual to research the matter further is they so wish to and form their own opinion based on that research.
      Many thanks,

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