Words & Speeches WW2, November 1939

Monday, November 6th 1939
M. Molotov, Soviet Prime Minister, at a meeting of the Moscow Soviet in honour od the 22nd anniversary of the Bolshevist Revolution:
the Capitalist Powers, unable to find any other way out of their internal difficulties, have driven more than half the world’s population into a murderous war, which they are trying to extend and spread over the whole world…..
Britain and France are doing everything to foster and prolong the war in order to exploit the world and their colonial empires. If they are successful, the number of neutral. Powers is bound to decline and that of the belligerent powers is bound to increase.
It is also well known that some Powers are only using the pretext of neutrality as a mask for shielding their attempts to foster the war, from which they expect to drive huge profits at the expense of the belligerent peoples, and their sufferings, sacrifices, and impoverishment.
Today we are facing the danger of the European war and the Asiatic war expanding into a world-wide conflict if nothing is done to prevent it. This is the point that the Capitalist world today has reached…..
The power and the authority of the Soviet Union are becoming more and more evident. The annexation of Eastern Poland has been one of the greatest successes of the Soviet Union’s foreign policy. The Soviet Union will be proud of these successes and will remain faithful to the principles of its policy of peace and of proletarian internationalism.

Sins of the Capitalists
We must bear in mind that nine-tenths of the world’s population are still living under Capitalism. Yet the Capitalist world has been forced to retrench itself and to retire. We, on the other hand, have added 13,000,000 to our population…..
The capitalists and their Socialists assistants cannot be expected to renounce the war voluntarily. On the contrary, they must be expected to attempt the expansion of the European conflict into a world-wide slaughter. The Soviet Union with its desire to bring the war to an early end is opposed to this policy….
The Capitalists would begins to realise that the Soviet Union is not what they wanted us to be. They wanted to see our country weak, yielding easily to pressure from abroad. The contrary is the case. The Soviet Union is strong, solidly build and unshakable.
We know that our successful policy of peace is the best policy for the Soviet Union. We must continue this policy without any derivation. This is the will of the people of the Soviet Union, and in the twenty-third year of our revolution we shall continue along the road of Lenin which will lead us tot he final victory – the victory of the Soviet regime.

Tuesday, November 7th
Queen Wilhelmina and King Leopold in a joint appeal for Peace, issued in a communique by the Dutch Foreign Office:
At this hour of anxiety for the whole world before the war breaks out in Western Europe in all it’s violence, we have the conviction that is our duty once again to raise our voice.
Some time ago the belligerent parties declared that they would not be unwilling to examine a reasonable and well founded basis for an equitable peace.
It seems to us that in the present circumstances it is difficult for them to come into contact in order to state their standpoints with greater precision and to bring them nearer to one another.
If this were agreeable to them, we are disposed, by every mean at our disposal that they might care to suggest to us, and in a spirit of friendly understanding to facilitate the ascertains of the elements of an agreement to be arrived at.
This, it seems to use, in the task we have to fulfil for the good of our people and in the interests of the whole world.
We hope that our offer will be accepted, and that thus a first step will be taken towards the establishment of a durable peace.

Lord Halifax, Foreign Secretary in a broadcast:
….We are fighting in defence of freedom, we are fighting for peace, we are meeting a challenge to our own security and that of others; we are defending the rights of all nations live their own lives.
We are fighting against the substitution of brute force for law as the arbiter between nations, against the violation of the sanctity of treaties and disregard for the pledged word.
We have learned that there can be no opportunity for Europe to cultivate the arts of peace until Germany is brought to realise that recurrent acts of aggression will not be tolerated.
It must accordingly be our resolve not only to protect the future from the repetition of the same injuries that German aggression has inflicted on Europe in these last few years, but also so far as we can to repair the damage successively wrought by Germany upon her weaker neighbours.
the British are particularly reluctant to interfere in other people’s business, provided always that other people do not seek to interfere in theirs.
But when the challenge in the sphere of international relations is sharpened, as today in Germany, by the denial to men and women of elementary human rights, that challenge is at once extended to something instinctive and profound in the universal conscience of mankind.
We are, therefore, fighting to maintain the rule of law and the quality of mercy in dealings between man and man, and in the great society of civilised states.
As I look back to those days in which we all walked in the dark valley of decision I can feel no doubt in my own consciousness that only with supreme dishonour could we in fact have averted war.
Now supreme dishonour, as well as the supreme folly, lie with the aggressor. The Supreme dishonour of the German Government is laid open to the world.
The Prime Minister has stated that we seek no vindictive peace, that we have no territorial ambitions for ourselves, and that we should feel the future to hold little hope unless the new peace settlement might be reached through the method of negotiations and agreement.
But we are determined, so far as it is humanly possible, to see to it that Europe shall not gain be subjected to repetition of this tragedy.
The new world that we seek will enlist the co-operation of all peoples on a basis of human equality, self-respect and mutual tolerance.
We need not deny the limitations set to what physical force alone can do, but the recognition of this truth should never blind us to the fact that if, for fear of the tragedy of war, measured in human lives broken and destroyed, we rest inert before action which we hold evil, we are surely surrendering to annihilation the expression of spiritual values which have inspired and guided all human progress.

Wednesday, November 8th
Hitler in a speech in the Buergerbreau Beer Cellar, Munich:
……It has been said that the British are not fighting the German people at all, but only the regime which speaks for the German people. It is Britain’s task, they say,t o liberate the German people from the regime and to make it happy. Britain is fighting to free the German people from militarism….
for 300 years Britain has conquered people after people. Now she is satisfied; now there must be peace.
Today a British Minister appears and says: “We would only be too glad to come to an agreement with Germany if one we could trust the worlds of the German Government”
I could say exactly the same myself. How gladly we would come to an understanding with Britain if only we could trust the of word of her leaders. Has ever an enemy been deceived in a more infamous manner than the German people by British statesman during the last twenty years”
Our colonies were taken away, our trade was destroyed, our Navy was taken from us. Millions of Germans were torn from Germany and maltreated. The German people were plundered. Reparations were imposed upon them which could not have been paid in 100 years and which threw the German people into the deepest misery. since then German has become a world Power, thanks to our movement.
You know the efforts that I have made from many years to come to an understanding with Great Britain. We have renounced a great deal, but there is no Government which can renounce the right to live, and the National Socialist Government naturally does not think of making such a renunciation.
It is my intention to safeguard the life and security of the German people. I have not the slightest intention of making such renunciation. German of today, at any rate, is ready and determined to defend and re-establish her frontiers and her Lebensraum.

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