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Words & Speeches during WW2, November 1939

Words That History Will Remember Tuesday November 13th, 1939 M. Paul Reynauld, French Minister of Finance, in a broadcast: Returning two years ago from a visit to Germany. I said to my fellow countrymen: “Hurry up and arm. You have … Continue reading

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Words & Speeches During WW2, November 1939

Thursday, November 9th, 1939 Mr Chamberlain in a speech read at the Mansion House luncheon: “I should like to make a few observations upon this strangest of wars which, in the form in which it has hitherto been waged, must … Continue reading

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War Diary 4th to 10th January 1940

Thursday, 4th January Russian air force active in region bordering railway line to Swedish frontier. Finns isolated a Soviet battalion, part of a force sent to make contact with Russian troops at Soujaervi, north of Lake Ladoga. Finnish war planes … Continue reading

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70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbour

On December 7th 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.  It was designed to completely neutralise the American fleet, instead it brought the United States of America from being a neutral country into the war. Today on the 70th Anniversary we remember all those who … Continue reading

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War Diary 1st to 3rd January, 1940

Monday 1st January 1940 Royal proclamation issued extending liability of men for military service up to age 27. Violent attack by Soviet forces in Taipale sector of Karelian Isthmus repulsed. North Suomusaalmi Finnish troops were in pursuit of defeated Russians. Bombing … Continue reading

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War Diary 28th to 31st December 1939

Thursday 28th December 1939 Censorship of Press messages from Moscow reimposed. Fierce hand to hand fighting on frozen Suvanto river near Mannerheim Line. Finns claimed to have wiped out two Russian companies. Reported that Russians have brought troops into Karelian … Continue reading

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