Facebook Page

We have a facebook page if you would like to join us at WW2 Memories

If you have a Facebook page or group that relates to the WW2 of any kind anywhere in the world, or perhaps a Veterans group then please leave us the link the in the comments box on this page we are more than happy too add it in here for you.


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  1. Edward Scullion says:

    I’m fascinated by the ww2 guncamera missions on bombing raids, dogfights and strafing that put you right in the action as it happened and used to have videos from a company, now folded that had American and British missions and are now so hard to get these days including Eagles Nest in full colour like many USA footage on aircraft. Eagles nest was 2 hours long about Hitlers hide away in Switzerland with Generals and his Misses Eva Braun. Memories of owning these was a memory for me alone back in the late 80’s early 2003 but due to downsizing then did I have to give them up with regret yet DVD’s are the thing but harder to find avalable, I contacted the Imperial War Museum about getting them back on the market referring to my passion on such facinating archive footage.

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