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Sinking of Trawler Rudyard Kipling – WW2 1939

From innumerable records of German ruthlessness, it is pleasant to turn aside and read again these stories of two u-boat commanders who, while carrying out their stern duty, treated with humanity and kindness the crew of the little British trawlers … Continue reading

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Put Ashore By U-boat (1939 WW2 Report)

Here is their story of the Skipper of the Greek steamer ‘Diamantes’ to the ‘Daily Telegraph’ of how on October 4th, 1939, he and his men were landed in Ireland after 34 hours hospitality in a German submarine. Watched by … Continue reading

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We Were Saved by RAF Flying Boats (1939 WW2)

The article is a copy originally run by the “Daily Telegraph” in September 1939.  It is a joint account of the rescue of the crew of the ‘Kensington Court’ told first by the Master, Captain J Schofield, and then by … Continue reading

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Sinking of The Athenia

The SS Athenia was launched from Govan shipyards on the Clyde in 1923 and was destined to travel the route from Britain to Canada.   On September 1st 1939 she left Liverpool at 1pm carrying 1,103 passengers with additional crew … Continue reading

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