Common Abbreviations on WW2 RAF Records (A)

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Listed in alphabetical order are the common abbreviations used on all British RAF Records

A&AEE – Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAFCE – Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAGS – Air Armament And Gas School
AAP   –  Aircraft Acceptance Park/Air Ammunition Park/Advanced Aircraft Park
AAS – Air Armament School
AASF – Advanced Air Striking Force
AATT  –  Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing
ABF – Airborne Forces
ABGS(ME) – Airbombing and Gunnery School (Middle East)
AC2/AC1 – Aircraftman Second/First Class
ACDC – Aircrew Despatch Centre
A/CDRE – Air Commodore
ACDU – Army Co-Operation Development
ACM – Air Chief Marshall
ACP – Air Crew Pool
ACRS – Air Crew Refresher School
ACS – Aircrew School/Airfield Construction Squadron/Armoured Car Section
ACSEA – Air Command South East Asia
ACW – Airfield Construction Wing/Air Component Wing
AD – Air Depot
ADC – Aircraft Disposal Company
ADF – Aircraft Delivery Flight
ADLS – Air Despatch Letter Service
ADRU – Aircraft Delivery and Reception Unit
ADU – Aircraft Delivery Unit
ADUME – Aircraft Delivery Unit, Middle East
AE – Aircraft Establishment
AEAF – Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
AEF – Air Experience Flight
AEM – Air Engineering Mechanic
AE – Air Engineering
AES – Air Electronics School/Aerial Erectors School
AFAP – Air Forces Arabian Peninsula
AFC – Air Force Cross
AFCENT – Air Forces Central (Europe)
AFDU – Air Fighting Development Unit
AFEE – Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment
AFM – Air Force Medal
AFME Air Forces Middle East
AFNORTH – Air Forces Northern (Europe)
AFRU – Advanced Flying and Refresher Unit
AFS – Advanced Flying School/Auxiliary Fighter Squadron
AFS(ME) – Air Fighting School (Middle East)
AFTDU – Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
AF(T)S – Advanced Flying (Training) School
AF(T)U – Advanced Flying (Training) Unit
AFU – Advanced Flying Unit
AG – Air Gunner
AGITS – Air Gunner Initial Training School
A&GS – Armament and Gunnery School
AGS – Air Gunnery School/Aircrew Grading School
AIS – Air Interception School
AIU – Air Investigation Unit
AM – Air Ministry/Air Marshall/Albert Medal/Air Mechanic
AMES – Air Ministry Experimental Station
AMG – Advanced Maintenance Group
AMO – Air Ministry Order
ANBS – Air Navigation and Bombing School
ANS – Air Navigation School
AO – Administrative Order
AOC – Air Officer Commanding
AONS – Air Observer and Navigator School
AOS – Air Observer School
AOTS – Aircrew Officers Training School
AP – Air Publications/Aircraft Park
APO – Acting Pilot Officer
APS – Armament Practice Station
AQ – Air Quartermaster
ARD – Aircraft Repair Depot
ARU – Aircraft/Advanced Repair Unit
AS – Air Staff
ASC – Air Support (Service) Command
ASC – Advanced Staff Course
ASO – Assistant Section Officer
ASP – Air Stores Park
ASR – Air Sea Rescue
ASS – Air Signals/Signallers School
ASU – Aircraft Storage Unit
ATA – Air Transport Auxiliary
ATAF – Allied Tactical Air Force
ATC – Air Training Corps
ATC – Air Traffic Control
ATC – Armament Training Camp
ATD – Air Transient Depot
ATFERO – Atlantic Ferry Organisation
ATS – Apprentices Training School
ATS – Armament Training School/Station/Air Training Squadron
ATU – Aircrew Training Unit/Armament Training Unit
ATW – Apprentice Training Wing
AVM – Air Vice Marshall
AWI – Air Warfare Instructor

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